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5.11 Tactical COVRT Z.A.P. 6

5.11 Tactical COVRT Z.A.P. 6

After realizing the need for a more low profile line of bags and packs, 5.11 Tactical created their COVRT line. The 5.11 Tactical COVRT Zone Assault Pack 6 is one of the latest additions to their line. Those familiar with 5.11 Tactical products might compare it to the 5.11 Tactical RUSH MOAB 6 and while similar in stature, remember that the MOAB is the MOLLE covered, less covert of the two.

The main compartment of the COVRT Z.A.P. 6 is sized to hold an iPad or netbook and the bag features admin pockets, internal organizer pockets, plus a hydration/armor compatible pocket. On the shoulder strap of the COVRT Z.A.P. you’ll find a coms pocket with a mic/earphone cord pass through to allow easy hands-free carry of your favorite mp3 player or mobile device.

While designed for covert operators and CCW carriers the size and features of the bag make it a great all around choice for everyday carry. Its ambidextrous strap system and quick-attach tension strap make it easy to securely carry your essential items. For the CCW crowd looking for a more clever, external carry option, the COVRT Z.A.P. 6 is compatible with 5.11 COVRT Holster/Pistol pouch.

Sounds pretty basic right? You’ve got two eyes and unless you’re doing something funky, you’ve usually got both of them open. What about when you shoot? Many of us are used to shooting with one eye closed, perhaps it’s all you’re used to. Well, it’s time to evolve!



Shooting with both eyes open offers several advantages: better situational awareness, a far superior sense of balance, a wider field-of-view and far less eyestrain, just to name a few. These advantages aide any shooting enthusiast in quick target acquisition and improved shooting performance. An EOTech holographic weapon sight was designed to let you do just that.

The EOTech Model 512 is the most popular model HWS. This tactical optic is perfect for agencies that want the best in CQB speed and versatility, without the need for night vision compatibility. The EOTech 512 Tactical STD AA Battery Weapon Sights employ a true Heads-Up Display that eliminates blind spots, constricted vision, or the tunnel vision that is associated with tubed sights.

As pictured (on a blown up scale) is the the 65 MOA circle with 1 MOA aiming dot reticle pattern. The EOTech 512 Tactical STD AA Battery Model accepts Lithium and Alkaline to help keep you shooting while keeping costs down. Check it out today at a sweet closeout price and practice that two-eyes-open shooting on your next range trip.

If you want to show some extra love for your new holographic sight and add some additional protection at the same time, you might also want to check out the GG&G Lens Covers. They are compatible with the 512 model and  fit between the EOTech hood and the body of the EOTech housing.

The covers are spring operated so that once pressure is applied to release them from the closed position they spring open. The rear cover lays across the top, so as not to interfere with the field of view. The front cover opens and serves as a sun shield.

Last but not least, since we’re on the topic of aiming and getting our sights set. Set your sights on our new blog link and format. The transition will happen somewhat gradually so feel free to visit both the current blog and the new one. It might be wise to set your bookmarks for the new blog now so you’re good to go when this one gets phased out.


Time to use your imagination. Imagine that there are people out there who aren’t in love with flashlights the way you are. They don’t know or care what a lumen is and think CR123 sounds like some child’s counting game. As much as you may love these friends and family members, a Fenix LD20 or Surefire G2X Pro might be overkill for them. Might we suggest an alternative?

PowerTech - S&W Combos

PowerTech - S&W Combos

PowerTech Inc. –  The Night Armor line offers serious performance at a great value. Thanks to a special partnership with Smith & Wesson, PowerTech Inc brings you the Delta2 Tactical Combos. Smith & Wesson: Expect the Best. These affordable options ensure your favorite non-flashlight-fiends are still equipped with a flashlight or two. No good reason to be without one now.

The Tactical Bonus Pack on the left includes a Tactical Flashlight with a 100 Lumen high setting and a 40 Lumen low setting. Batteries and a wrist lanyard are included. For even more fun, they’ve thrown in a MicroTactical Flashlight/Tool. It can be used for both a flashlight and a self defense tool and is easily stashed in a pocket or purse.

The combo on the right simplifies things a little further as the included flashlight has a single 65 Lumen setting. Again, the battery is included along with a wrist lanyard. The penlight doubles as a self defense or glass breaking tool for the home or an auto.

Grab a combo or two and ensure you have some lighting for a safer trick or treating experience. Or stock up now and save them for stocking stuffers. Be sure to check out the main PowerTech Inc page to see even more combos including the Tactical Penlight & Knife Combo.

It seems there’s nothing this not so little company can’t take and make their own. They’re liked for their numerous pouches, bags, backpacks, chest rigs, rifle cases, slings and the list goes on. One of the latest additions is Condor Tactical Outerwear and Footwear. The focus of this post will be their Lightweight Ripstop Tactical Pants. As we’ve stated before, everyone wears pants and lightweight models are very popular.

Condor Tactical Pants - Lightweight Ripstop

While I have mixed feelings about this crew and their hastily camouflaged rifles, they’re doing a good job at looking casual and tactical. Too bad that one guy looked at the camera. You also get a partial look at the pants we’re talking about as well as some of the Condor jackets which look pretty sharp, great color choices there. And let’s not forget the hats. Condor hats are very affordable and a customer favorite.

Ok, the pants, focus.  These new Condor Tactical Pants are made from a lightweight 7oz 65/35 poly-cotton ripstop fabric. These pants come loaded with 12 pockets that are in turn loaded with organizers, mag slots, knife and pen compartments and clever reinforcements in the places that need them most. They also feature a Teflon treatment for enhanced stain resistance.

These pants are loaded and ready to compete with even the most expensive competition. As is the norm for Condor they are priced at a point that won’t hurt your wallet. Available in Black, Khaki, and Navy.

Condor Tactical Pants - Lightweight Ripstop

Was thinking about bringing up the 5.11 Tactical ThumbDrive holster again and after seeing that our previous post about it got some hits yesterday I figured why not?

5.11 Tactical ThumbDrive Holster

5.11 Tactical ThumbDrive Holster

While not the greatest picture of the holster itself, you can see the included paddle attachment (also includes a belt slide attachment) as well as the thumb release mechanism that gives this holster its name. The “ThumbDrive” is that little piece that sticks up along side the slide and the frame of the handgun (in this case a Glock).

While we hate to admit it, not everything that 5.11 Tactical releases is an overwhelming success. For reasons mentioned in our previous post, the ThumbDrive was not flying off the shelves as we might hope. As a result, its initial release in “glock only” fits remained for quite a while.

It’s fitting to talk about this holster again because 5.11 Tactical has expanded their offering of the holster to include the  Smith & Wesson M&P models including the Pro series, Full Size and Compact size.  It looks like they’ve also thrown in some holsters for the Sig 220 and Sig 228/229. While the list has expanded slowly, it will be nice to see some other users be able to give this holster a whirl.

Speaking of giving it a whirl, I decided to get my own a while back and have been using it in conjunction with a Glock 35. Initially the ThumbDrive took some getting used to. In reality, for my use, a retention holster probably isn’t 100% necessary but I wanted to see if I could handle it. For the most part I had no problems activating and drawing my pistol quickly. Here and there however I would fail to press the ThumbDrive properly and ended up yanking on the gun and holster with no response.

Never fear! As is the case with a lot of new hardware (guns and holsters alike) you have to use it and practice with it to get a real handle on it. After a number of more practice sessions and combat shooting courses, I am confident and activate (or deactivate) the ThumbDrive mechanism with ease over and over. I can consistently acquire a combat grip and with a simple sweep of my thumb, my Glock is out and ready to go.

On one particular day of shooting, after an issue with the sights on my Glock 35, I was able to borrow a Glock 22 and continue using the same holster. As I’m sure there are subtle differences between the Glock 35 and Glock 22 ThumbDrive and we certainly recommend you use the proper model for your pistol, but it was nice to be able to continue shooting that day with the same holster.

Check out the 5.11 Tactical Holsters section on our website to see the ThumbDrive as well as the optional accessories for it. The 5.11 Tactical Double Mag pouch by BladeTech would be the ideal compliment to your new holster.


We do our best to mix up the brand categories here on the blog but I guess we’ve just been feeling stabby lately. Today we’re going to remind you about the SOG Knives & Tools OVERSTOCK. The initial list was small and you may not have checked out the section recently. It has grown.

SOG Entrenching Tool OVERSTOCK

SOG Entrenching Tool OVERSTOCK

If you noticed that isn’t a knife, good job! How about that SOG Entrenching Tool? I guess they could have called it a shovel like the rest of us but that wouldn’t be nearly as tactical. All joking aside, this SOG shovel is a serious tool. If you look closely enough you’ll see it was designed to be compact when folded. When folded, it takes up about the same space as a stack of paper plates.

It features all steel construction of the high carbon variety and is black power coated in all the right places. A nylon carry sheath is included to keep the sharper bits contained during storage or carry. Dig a hole, fill some sandbags or dish out a beat down if necessary. The SOG Entrenching Tool will be happy to oblige.

SOG Flash II Black Blade Knife OVERSTOCK

SOG Flash II Black Blade Knife OVERSTOCK

The SOG overstock I’m most excited about is that little beauty, a special Flash II. I guess I have a thing for black blades contrasted against grey(ish) handles. I also prefer the half serrated models. The handle on this particular Flash II is hard-anodized 6061-T6 aluminum.

Like all all Flash models, it comes standard with SOG’s patent pending, reversible bayonet mounted clip that ensures the lowest, most discreet carry possible. And let’s not forget that the Flash family of knives feature SOG Assisted Technology (S.A.T.), which employs a powerful piston lock that is easily released with a sliding button. Get em while they’re hot! So hot!